Sagittarius July 2020 Horoscope


Your financial planet moves back into Capricorn on the 2nd: your money house is full of planets once again so it is a prosperous month, but earnings come more slowly with many delays. It’s very important to take more care with all the little details of finance; if you’re mailing an important payment make sure the addresses are correct, and that the payment is made out properly. Double-check bank details of online payments. Taking care of the details can be tedious but you will minimize delays.

We have another lunar eclipse on the 5th, the third one this year. (Usually there are only two.) It occurs in your money house and shows a need to make important financial changes. However, with all these planetary retrogrades going on, you need more research and thought before making any alterations. The spouse, partner or current love also has to make financial changes, and the same advice applies: give it more study. There will be personal dramas in the lives of the money people in your life. As with all lunar eclipses, there can be (generally psychological) encounters with death or near-death experiences. This eclipse impacts, but not too directly, three other planets – Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The impact on Saturn only reinforces the financial changes detailed above. The impact on Jupiter is a personal impact. You could have a physical detox or a need to redefine or reinvent yourself. The impact on Mercury shows that love gets tested and there are career changes. Parents, parent figures and bosses have personal dramas.

The night side of your Horoscope is the strongest side this year, but the upper half is as strong now as it will ever be in the year ahead. So home and family – your emotional wellness – is still the priority, but now you can start shifting some energy to the career. Dawn, figuratively speaking, is breaking in your year, although you might not want to get out of bed.

Health is good this month. You can enhance it further through arm and shoulder massage and through breathing exercises. Good health for you means a healthy love and social life. So if, God forbid, problems arise, restore harmony in these areas as quickly as possible.

Love is complicated this month. Mercury is retrograde until the 12th and is receiving difficult aspects. You have to work harder on this department.

Best Days Overall: 2, 3, 11, 12, 21, 22, 29, 30

Most Stressful Days Overall: 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24

Best Days for Love: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28

Best Days for Money: 4, 5, 14, 15, 23, 24, 31

Best Days for Career: 1, 9, 10, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28

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