September 20 Birthday Compatibility

September 20

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 2, 2

In Love

People born on this date often find it difficult to open up and talk about their emotions. Instead, you prefer showing your loved one how much you care by being generous, helpful, and dependable. In an intimate union, you are loving, tender, and affectionate. You tend to take your commitments to your beloved seriously. In fact, devotion and loyalty are key elements in all of your relationships. A perfectionist yourself, you seem to think that everyone shares your desire for precision. Consequently, you can be rather critical when your partner is unable to live up to your high standards.

In Bed

Your sensuality and lusty appetite for life’s pleasures sets you apart from other Virgo natives. A down-to-earth lover, you view sexuality as a natural, wholesome form of expressing deep feelings of love and affection. You prove your love by always striving to please your partner, in and out of bed.

Inherently tactile, you get off on touching and being touched. Your style of lovemaking is innovative and inventive. You continually come up with new and exciting ways of sharing your erotic imaginings.


Your ideal lover attends to all the little details that will make your time together truly memorable. Every combination of sensual pleasure, from A to Z, seems to have a place in his or her repertoire. When the scene is set for lovemaking with perfumed sheets, candlelight, and beautiful music playing in the background, how can you possibly resist?

Reality Check

You may prefer the country, yet no matter where you live, you’ll take advantage of any chance to get closer to nature. You like gardening and making things grow. You also enjoy kids and pets, as long as they’re well behaved and don’t mess up your neat home or carefully organized schedule.

September 20 Birthday Compatibility


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