November 16 Birthday Compatibility

November 16

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 7, 9

In Love

Even though love plays a major role in your life, intimate relationships can be difficult for you. Your emotional nature is so complex that your romantic life is often as turbulent as it is passionate and intense. You may display a poignant vulnerability one moment and then become possessive, jealous, and demanding the next. Because you function better in an individual capacity, sometimes you’d rather be on your own than subjected to another person’s whims. In an intimate union you’re perfectly capable of pledging deep, long-lasting affection, but only to someone who accepts your moodiness and occasional wish for solitude.

In Bed

You have your own way of doing things, and even your soul mate may have problems understanding your feelings and motivations. Although your devilish charm virtually guarantees your success as a suitor, there are times when you pull back and retreat behind a wall of your own making. Your ideal partner realizes you’re worth the wait and gives you some breathing room. When you get started, you are an agile lover with a strong sex drive and the stamina and expertise to make the most of it.


The bedmate who truly thrills you is the one who keeps going when others are starting to wind down. The physical release of an occasional all-nighter with wild, tempestuous lovemaking can make you feel reborn. With an uninhibited lover, you are able to act out your most exotic fantasies or explore new and innovative erotic activities.

Reality Check

The quintessential Scorpio struggle is one of attaining mastery over desire.

Despite the scorpion’s reputation for smoldering sexuality, you are usually able to sublimate your physical needs if it suits your purposes. As a result, you may alternate between some periods of intense sexual activity and others of total abstinence.

November 16 Birthday Compatibility


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