May 05 Birthday Compatibility

May 5

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 5

In Love

The individual born on this day often feels caught between a yearning for independence and a need for the type of emotional security that only a serious love union can provide. Once you find the right person, you’re as solid and dependable as any other bull. However, until you find your soul mate, you’re perfectly capable of enjoying an agreeable romantic alliance that is free of demands and commitment. In any intimate relationship, you want a partner who commands your respect on an intellectual level. You view physical love as essential to happiness yet not more important than mental rapport.

In Bed

You bring the joy of discovery to everything you do, including your sexual experiences. Earthy, sensual, and innovative, you like experimenting with different positions during lovemaking. You appreciate a bed partner who is open-minded and shares your uninhibited approach to love and sexuality. A playful lover, you think it is fun to be a bit unconventional and outrageous in the privacy of the bedroom. However, when making love, you also like being surrounded by nice things, in a comfortable, luxurious setting.


You are turned on by tactile, sensory pleasures. You enjoy spontaneous play that consists of equal parts fun and sexual arousal. Luscious fabrics, feathers, edible erotic delicacies, and flavored oils can all enhance your pleasure and anticipation. Languid caresses from head to toe electrify your senses, because your entire body is erogenous.

Reality Check

You have a paradoxical nature that may cause others to wonder who you really are. Affable, open, and friendly on the surface, you care a lot about people and feel things very deeply. However, your gregarious personality and gracious manner can serve as a cover-up for a fixed core of inner resolve that sometimes comes across as unadulterated stubbornness.

May 05 Birthday Compatibility


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