June 03 Birthday Compatibility

June 3

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Venus; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

You’re someone who wants to be liked and needs to be loved. Yet despite your warm, amiable personality, you’re actually something of an intellectual.

You tend to mistrust feelings and may even try to rationalize them out of existence. Too much intimacy makes you feel distinctly uncomfortable. To hold on to your love, your mate needs to engage your mind along with your heart. Once involved, you’re loyal and caring. But if you decide to end the relationship, you are capable of leaving without a backward glance. Your ideal partner is easygoing and willing to share you with your many friends and interests.

In Bed

Gemini is an emotionally cool, rather unsentimental sign. Nevertheless, you can be as romantic as the next person so long as the hearts and flowers are not overdone. You’re more inclined toward flirting and clever repartee than heavy breathing. Verbal foreplay is your forte, and your silver-tongued seduction technique is witty and amusing rather than syrupy sweet. To your lighthearted way of thinking, sexual relations are mainly fun and games and not meant to be taken too seriously.


In your search for physical and mental stimulation, your interest is easily sparked and easily lost. Talking and fantasizing about sex turns you on. Your major erogenous zone is inside your head. Whereas a clumsy approach or heavy touch turns you off, a few well-chosen words whispered in your ear, or even over the phone, set your body on fire.

Reality Check

You find it difficult to be restricted to a single partner. Your restless nature and busy-busy lifestyle can keep you from commitment altogether. Because you dislike both confinement and boredom, you tend to prefer the novelty of someone new to the security of a mediocre or uninteresting long-term union.

June 03 Birthday Compatibility


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