April 09 Birthday Compatibility

April 9

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 4, 9

In Love

You truly care about people, and your compassionate nature makes you an easy mark for a good sob story. When problems arise, you give the other person the benefit of the doubt. However, anyone who pushes you too far is sure to encounter your fiery temper. In close relationships, you are passionate and sympathetic to your partner’s desires. As a consummate romantic, you’re easily swept off your feet. But if reality fails to live up to your idealistic notions of love, you are just as readily disappointed. Even when you feel let down, you retain your optimism and bounce back to try again.

In Bed

You believe that strong sexual chemistry is the essential component in a romantic union. You may be timid in public, but behind closed doors you are quite the lusty ram. During lovemaking you tend to go back and forth between bold assertiveness and gentle tenderness. Lurking beneath your sweet exterior, there is a bawdy, adventurous, and sensuous love nature that comes alive only in the bedroom. Because you are such a challenging, exciting bedmate, you expect no less in return.


You want sparkle and pizzazz in a relationship. A social being, you enjoy going out for the evening, possibly to a play, a concert, or a movie. You relish some stimulating conversation over drinks or coffee. You don’t mind a difference of opinion, or even a lively debate, if it stirs the blood. Afterward, you just want to go home and make love.

Reality Check

One part of you is a mild, moody dreamer, the other an aggressive, argumentative doer. At times you’re caught between your desire to lend a helping hand to all comers and the “me-first” philosophy of the typical Aries native. When this happens, you may feel conflicted and at odds with yourself.

April 09 Birthday Compatibility


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