October 12 Birthday Compatibility

October 12

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

The contradictions in your nature tend to surface in romantic relationships.

Although you yearn for companionship, you are independent and dislike being tied down. Inherently generous, warm, and loving, you enjoy being with people individually and at social gatherings. You want a committed relationship, but you refuse to be bossed around or smothered. You may go through a number of romances before settling down with Mr. or Ms. Right.

However, when you do enter into an intimate union, you make a loving, considerate, tender partner. Your ideal mate not only loves you but also respects your personal space.

In Bed

You are a delightful mix of breezy, fun-loving companion and romantic lover. You know how to love deeply without taking it all too seriously. You will do anything to make your partner happy, but you won’t surrender your soul in the process. Inside the bedroom and elsewhere, words are your most powerful seduction tool. You live as much in your mind as in your body, and you long to establish a mental connection with your bedmate along with the physical one.


Your brain is your most sensitive erogenous zone. You enjoy talking about sex, and you respond as readily to tantalizing language as you do to kisses and caresses. Having provocative suggestions whispered in your ear or reading erotic literature along with your lover turns you on, as does trying out the sexy stuff you’ve been reading about.

Reality Check

Inherently intelligent, shrewd, and flexible, you are surprisingly adept at adjusting to people and events. In your sweet, diplomatic way, you are also very good at winning others over to your way of thinking. If you have a problem, it is indecisiveness. You have difficulty making decisions and a propensity for changing those already made.

October 12 Birthday Compatibility


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