March 03 Birthday Compatibility

March 3

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 3, 6

In Love

You are charming and resourceful, with a whimsical sense of humor and a chameleonlike adaptability that helps you fit in anywhere. Pisces’ duality is evident in your nature. Although more cerebral than other fish, your soul is that of a true romantic. You possess the unique ability to feel with your mind as well as your emotions. In a long-term relationship, you need to be connected at every level: physical, mental, and emotional. Communication is the key to your heart. You value intellectual rapport as much as sexual compatibility; without it you become bored and indifferent.

In Bed

As a lover, spontaneity and variety are your trademarks. You like keeping your partner guessing, and you’re clearly intrigued by a bit of mystery in others. Impelled by a restless imagination, you enjoy engaging in sexual experimentation. Your idea of great foreplay combines kissing and touching with bright sexual banter. Because you have few inhibitions, you’ll make love just about anywhere. However, your poetic side prefers seducing and being seduced in an evocative atmosphere replete with romantic trappings.


Good humored and playful by nature, you adore the romantic wordplay of intimate relationships. Sex is fun and games to you, as is good conversation.

Words and thoughts stimulate your body as well as your mind. For a guaranteed turn-on, describe the erotic details of your latest sexual scheme before trying it out.

Reality Check

Generous, warm, and loving, you enjoy interacting with people at social gatherings and in intimate one-on-one situations. In your love life, you like the idea of a stable partnership, yet you fear commitment. Even when you care very deeply, you don’t like being tied down. While the left side of your brain requires companionship and intellectual stimulation, your sensitive right brain craves moonlight, poetry, and romance.

March 03 Birthday Compatibility


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