July 10 Birthday Compatibility

July 10

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

There is a changeable aspect to your nature that causes you to seek the comfort of a permanent love relationship, while longing for freedom and independence. You tend to think of yourself as daring and adventurous, and that may be true in most areas of your life. However, where love and romance are concerned, you are sensitive, self-protective, and afraid of getting hurt.

Inner conflict between independence and dependence can make you moody and anxious, prompting you to act in a passive-aggressive manner. To feel truly secure and happy, you need the love and support of Mr. or Ms. Right.

In Bed

In the bedroom, you can be bold and carefree one moment and urgently serious the next. You are inherently passionate and sexually vigorous, and the physical side of love is important to you. However, keeping romance alive is also high on your list of priorities. Trying new things excites you and helps you keep your lovemaking fresh and interesting. Although you enjoy experimenting and taking risks in bed, it requires some encouragement from your partner to get you started.


The lover who can overcome your initial shyness and inhibitions is the one most capable of turning you on. You long to be swept away by passion, but it takes a person you trust to make it happen. You respond eagerly to a mix of languid sensuality and bold aggression. Once awakened, your lusty libido carries you to the heights of ecstatic pleasure.

Reality Check

Openness to change makes you more willing to break with convention than other Cancer natives. Your need to be cautious about important things tells you how far to go without overstepping. Dedicated to achieving your personal goals, you may be conflicted between your devotion to responsibility and your desire to make a name for yourself.

July 10 Birthday Compatibility


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