December 23 Birthday Compatibility

December 23

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 5, 8

In Love

People born on this day are not outwardly romantic, but beneath the restrained exterior they are deeply passionate, extremely sensitive, and very much in need of love and friendship. You particularly dislike feeling vulnerable or being at the mercy of someone else’s whims and desires.

Consequently, you can have difficulty expressing your emotions. In an intimate relationship, an air of detachment masks your deep devotion to your beloved. You want to be affectionate and understanding, but you fear that overt displays of love will make you appear dependent.

Even so, your loyalty and rock-solid dependability tend to outweigh your emotional shortcomings.

In Bed

You may be hard to get to know on an emotional level, but sexually you’re open-minded and considerably more unconventional than other goats.

Your quick, innovative mentality leads to original moves between the sheets. Once you begin to unwind, your deeper sensuality emerges. More easily bored than others of your Sun sign, you need lots of variety and excitement in your sex life. As a result, you’re usually willing to go along with just about anything your bed partner suggests.


The lover who understands your earthy sensuality and initiates spontaneous sexual encounters with provocative verbal enticements and a few very well-placed caresses knows the best ways to turn you on. Trying out naughty toys, exotic potions, flavored oils, and erotic edibles appeals to your sense of lovemaking as fun and games.

Reality Check

The contradictory aspects of your character form the basis of your realistic humanitarianism and practical idealism. You care about people’s problems and want to help solve them. Yet despite your concern for society’s welfare, you have a rather cynical view of human nature. You invariably try to do the right thing. Yet you don’t believe that others always act from similar conviction.

December 23 Birthday Compatibility


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