May 30 Birthday Compatibility

May 30

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 8

In Love

Popular, fun loving, and flirtatious, the individual celebrating a birthday today is a social being who loves to party and can usually be found where the action is. More at home with thoughts than feelings, you have a demeanor that turns from charming to cool and indifferent when faced with emotional demands or personal restrictions. The suitor who wants to stay close to you will give you plenty of breathing room and not attempt to control you. You enjoy learning new things and sharing what you’ve learned with your significant other. With the right person, you can be a generous, warm, and loving partner.

In Bed

You view a positive sexual connection as another way to communicate with your mate or partner. Although you crave tenderness and devotion, what really turns you on is the lover who is your intellectual equal and interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas. Imaginative lovemaking that is full of surprises stimulates both your body and your mind. Being with you is never boring. With your clever, agile mind, you’re able to come up with lively, innovative ways of making love that keeps your union fresh and exciting.


For you, pillow talk and exchanging intimacies and secrets are a very sexy form of verbal foreplay. It arouses you to hear the details of what your partner is thinking and feeling during all the stages of lovemaking. You particularly enjoy spending time with a playful lover, talking, laughing, and frolicking together, either in the bedroom or out of it.

Reality Check

You cannot stand being boxed into a monotonous routine. Your restlessness stems from boredom and your tendency to overanalyze everything. Because your impatient nature demands constant change and stimulation, you are easily sidetracked by anything (or anyone) new and interesting that happens to cross your path.

May 30 Birthday Compatibility


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