June 30 Birthday Compatibility

June 30

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

The warmhearted, sociable person born on this day generally has many friends and acquaintances. You’re more relaxed and easy-going than other crabs, yet still subject to Cancer’s frequent mood swings. In your personal relationships, you’re romantic but not starry eyed. You think twice before exchanging the comfort of friendship and companionship for the romance of moonlight and roses. A many-faceted, interesting individual yourself, you’re seeking the same qualities in a partner. If you lack mental affinity with your mate, you get bored and antsy. Despite your innate loyalty, sooner or later you may decide to give up and move on.

In Bed

You believe that a couple should have as much fun in the bedroom as everywhere else. Consequently, you like to intersperse the hugs and kisses with jokes, quips, and witty remarks. Your ideal lover is the one who is able to match your flirty banter word for word. Expressing your desires verbally lets you connect the playful to the erotic and sets the stage for passionate lovemaking. A generous lover, you never forget to take your partner’s needs and desires into consideration.


You get off on the romantic rituals of courtship. If possible, a private getaway to a beach resort where you can hear the ocean as you make love fills the bill to perfection. At home, a clever lover can impress and arouse you by transforming your everyday bedroom into a sacred space for playful, sensual, exotic, erotic, and even transcendent lovemaking.

Reality Check

When either your mind or your emotions gain the upper hand, the resulting nervous tension can make you feel distracted, anxious, insecure, or uncertain. If this happens, you may begin to lose your self-confidence and start funneling your excess energy into overanalyzing and worrying about your life instead of just living it.

June 30 Birthday Compatibility


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