September 04 Birthday Compatibility

September 4

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 4, 4

In Love

In an intimate union, you need a partner who makes you feel cherished and appreciated. When you are feeling insecure, you become critical and overprotective of your beloved. Very much your own person, sometimes you exude an air of cool detachment. Yet even when your outer demeanor is reserved and undemonstrative, beneath the surface you’re warm and caring.

Once you enter into a relationship, you stick with it through good times and bad. In public, you keep your emotions under control. However, in your private moments, you are as loving and sensual as any other member of the zodiac.

In Bed

Inherently cautious, you are not one to leap into love or romance with reckless abandon. You prefer getting to know a potential lover first through sharing common interests outside the boudoir. However, with trust established and the vagaries of courtship out of the way, the complex layers of your earthy sensuality soon begin to unfold. You actually have very few sexual hang-ups, and you will do most anything that feels good to you and your partner.


When you perform a slow, seductive striptease for your lover, you reveal the true eroticism behind your apparent reserve. You build delicious sexual tension with sultry teasing movements that heighten desire in both of you.

Playful flirtation and provocative verbal suggestions intrigue your bedmate and add to the mood of delightful decadence.

Reality Check

You possess an instinctive understanding of what makes other people tick, a compassionate nature, and a desire to help anyone who requires assistance. You truly enjoy nurturing and caring for others, especially those who aren’t able to take care of themselves. When a problem arises, you’re often the first one to offer aid and comfort, especially if the difficulty involves children or animals.

September 04 Birthday Compatibility


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