April 15 Birthday Compatibility

April 15

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 6

In Love

Although as ardent and strongly sexed as other Aries natives, you’re more sensitive and tactful than the typical ram. Relationships are central to your life, and you rarely lack for potential lovers. You admire individuals who choose to live a freewheeling lifestyle, but you want the companionship of a fulfilling union more than independence. Because passion is not as important to you as intellectual rapport, you don’t expect the initial sexual fireworks to last forever. However, if the romantic spark and sense of intimacy should fade, you could begin searching for a new soul mate.

In Bed

A desirable and considerate lover, you enjoy everything about the stylized rituals of love and romance. Behind closed doors, lovemaking takes on mystical dimensions as you abandon yourself to the joy of merging and becoming one with your partner. Highly sensitive to your surroundings, you like making love in a beautiful setting enhanced by soft lighting, mood music, and the scent of flowers. You’re happy to take the lead in bed, but you also enjoy being seduced into sweet submission.


Whether it’s a game of strip poker or a teasing, sensuous striptease, having your partner undress for you (or undress you) is a surefire turn-on. You like being enticed into sex with kissing and touching designed to inflame your desire. You love the feeling of being pursued and particularly enjoy allowing your lover to wear down your resistance.

Reality Check

The impulsiveness and aggression of your Aries Sun is held in check by your good manners and refined ways. Your internal impatience and need for action is often in conflict with your innate courtesy and a desire to please everyone. As a result, you can be hesitant and indecisive one moment and erratic and impetuous the next.

April 15 Birthday Compatibility


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