March 08 Birthday Compatibility

March 8

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Hardworking and ambitious, you’re considerably more practical than many Pisces natives. In love and friendship, you are emotionally generous and sympathetic to the other person’s needs. You’re not given to small talk, and frivolous companionship just doesn’t interest you. You may not let many people into your inner circle, but you are totally devoted to those close to you. When you love, you love with a whole heart. You’re looking for a partnership that will survive the test of time. However, you need to be sure it’s the real thing before you reveal your deepest feelings.

In Bed

A romantic dreamer with a strong sex drive, you are persuasive and persistent enough to make your erotic dreams come true. With the right partner, your initial caution quickly gives way to desire and passion. Part of your devastating sexual allure is the unexpected air of mystery you project. However, spontaneity is really not your style. You don’t like being taken by surprise, preferring to set up “sex dates” in advance. Your bedroom approach is well planned and your sexual advances carefully orchestrated.


Sensuous movements excite you. You’re sure to respond to a slow, seductive dance that evolves into a mutual striptease. When you’re both naked, you can continue dancing together in a deliberate rhythm, or you can move the performance into the bedroom for another kind of “dirty dancing.”

Reality Check

Although practical and realistic on the outside, you have an artistic temperament. You may give the impression of great forcefulness, but there are two distinct sides to your character. Your confident exterior masks an inner nature subject to numerous doubts. As a result, you’re not an easy person to live with. However, once you satisfy your need for emotional security, you make a loyal, devoted partner.

March 08 Birthday Compatibility


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