February 24 Birthday Compatibility

February 24

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 6, 8

In Love

A dyed-in-the-wool idealist, you have some unrealistic ideas about romantic partnerships. Your love relationship is invariably the most important factor in your life, and you form an intense attachment to your beloved. You have a habit of falling in love more than once. Yet no matter how often things end badly, you’re able to bounce back and try again. You dislike confrontation. At times you may try to keep the peace by clinging to a bad situation.

Rather than deal with disappointment, you don your rose-colored glasses and tell yourself that everything is just fine, even when it isn’t.

In Bed

You rarely assert your sexuality in a brash, up-front manner, preferring seduction and gentle persuasion to overt action. Sweet talking and romanc-ing are second nature to you, and nobody does it better. You are a skilled and considerate lover, and it’s important for you to please as well as be pleased. What you are seeking is a complete experience—a meshing of physical, mental, and emotional fulfillment. With the right person, you’re able to lose yourself completely.


A night or a weekend of love, sex, and romance at a quaint little inn or an elegant hotel suits you just fine. Activities that are guaranteed turn-ons include moonlight swims, bubble baths for two, walks in the rain, and intimate dinners leading up to mutually satisfying sessions of lovemaking.

Reality Check

You absorb emotional vibrations like a sponge. Sometimes you have difficulty distinguishing between what you’re feeling and what you’re picking up from those around you. Anything you don’t know, or can’t tune into psychically, you can usually figure out intellectually. The combination of your intuition and your chameleonlike personality captivates and confuses people. You understand what motivates them, yet they can’t quite figure you out.

February 24 Birthday Compatibility


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