January 06 Birthday Compatibility

January 6

Sun Sign: Capricorn/SaturN

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 6, 7

In Love

You are extremely hardworking and ambitious, yet you try to maintain a harmonious balance between the domestic and professional sides of your life. Relating comes easily to you, and you don’t like living alone. In fact, you may not feel complete without the companionship of a mate or partner.

Domesticity and the comfort of home and family also provide an antidote to the grueling hours you spend pursuing success. Still, it takes more than just love and affection to hold your interest. You need to be with someone who understands your objectives and shares your strong sense of purpose.

In Bed

Rather more uninhibited than the average Capricorn, you are an innovative lover who refuses to be bound by conventional ideas. Somehow you manage to break all the rules while still maintaining a sense of dignity and decorum.

You tend to keep your fiery sexual impulses under wraps in public situations, but in the privacy of the bedroom you display your true nature as a lusty, inventive sexual partner.


With sexy planet Venus as the ruler of your astrological decanate, you have the soul of a true romantic. Your physical senses respond to beautiful surroundings, pleasant aromas, and the feel of sensuous fabrics such as silk and satin against your skin. The more secure you feel, the more aware you are of your own feelings of earthy sensuality.

Reality Check

Your failure to recognize the important role personal relationships play in your life can become a real problem. You enjoy leading a luxurious lifestyle that requires a hefty bank account. Coupled with your workaholic tendencies, your materialistic pursuits can cause you to spend a great deal of time away from the domestic comforts that are so necessary to your happiness and peace of mind.

January 06 Birthday Compatibility


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