June 22 Birthday Compatibility

June 22

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

If ever there was a paradox, the individual born on this date is it. In a romantic relationship, no one in the zodiac sends out signals that are more confusing. In the blink of an eye you can change from outgoing and protective of others to withdrawn and self-protective. Basically loving and nurturing, you can also be extremely possessive. You have a terrific sense of humor about everything except your own foibles. Like most crabs, you are extremely touchy. When your feelings are hurt (which happens quite frequently), you retreat into your shell, often refusing to come out until your bad mood passes.

In Bed

Passionate on one hand and affectionate and tender on the other, in the bedroom you are enough of a sexual athlete to gratify your partner completely. However, you’re inherently conventional and not really comfortable with sexual experimentation. A genuine romantic, you don’t give your heart away easily. You prefer keeping your feelings under wraps until certain they are reciprocated. Consequently, you may require a little extra encouragement in the bedroom to help you overcome your fear of rejection.


Where lovemaking is concerned, you cannot be rushed or coerced. You need to be wooed before you are won. A wonderfully sensual, old-fashioned sweetheart, you like to kiss and cuddle. You enjoy romantic movies, candlelit dinners, strolling hand in hand in the rain, dreamy evenings on the beach, and nights of love in front of a blazing fireplace.

Reality Check

Generous and loyal to a fault, you are always there when needed. But, when you perform a service for a friend or relative, you want to do it your way and on your own terms. You never once stop to think that others may resent your proprietary attitude or consider you overly bossy.

June 22 Birthday Compatibility


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