October 16 Birthday Compatibility

October 16

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Mercury; Numbers: 7, 8

In Love

You often feel as if you’re being pulled in opposing directions. Your romantic side yearns for companionship and love. But the more independent part of you dislikes being tied down and may shy away from making a permanent commitment. When you do get involved in a long-term union, you depend on your spouse or partner to give meaning to your life. Then if the relationship turns sour, you could become seriously distressed. Still, when you say “for better or worse,” you mean it, and you’re more likely to put up with a problem partner than are others of your Sun sign.

In Bed

A lover who is overly aggressive turns you off. A slow and intricate courtship is more to your liking. For you, sex is an art, and you want it to be elegant and beautiful. You do not expect to be swept away by wild passion, but you do appreciate a bedmate skilled in the ways of making love. Pleasing your partner is a high priority for you, and you will do anything you can to gratify his or her desires.


Dull or routine lovemaking turns you off, and you long for a creative lover who knows how to keep you guessing. Impulsive actions and spontaneous romantic gestures can add sparkle to your ordinary bedroom activities.

Whether you are watching or participating, a sultry and sensual striptease reenergizes your libido and gets your sexual juices flowing.

Reality Check

Your surface personality may be gentle and easygoing, but when you are challenged your inner toughness comes into play. Contrary to what others may think, you’re no pushover. You won’t do anything that you don’t want to do. Intelligent, clever, and charming, you can get around most anyone and get away with most anything if you put your mind to it.

October 16 Birthday Compatibility


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