July 29 Birthday Compatibility

July 29

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

You view courtship as an ongoing ritual, and when you’re in love you’re exceedingly magnanimous in expressing your feelings. At times you may get so caught up in the glamour and romance of being in love that you forget about the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day relationship. You willingly give your all to your beloved, but you demand the same kind of devotion in return.

You expect constancy from your partner, yet your need for adoration makes you something of a flirt yourself. Be careful not to carry it too far, lest you become more involved than you care to be.

In Bed

A decidedly theatrical flair emerges in the privacy of your bedroom. Your sexual approach is a wonderful combination of fiery passion and languid sensuality. Because your pleasure-seeking instincts are so strong, you’re eager to experience all the joys of lovemaking. However, there is a touch of conservatism in your hedonism that prevents you from straying too far outside traditional boundaries. Even so, you possess an exciting, extensive sexual repertoire that you engage in with evident enthusiasm.


You get off on being wooed luxuriously, as befits your regal leonine status. If your lover has the really big bucks, nothing less than caviar and champagne at the mansion or aboard the yacht will do. But his or her lack of wealth doesn’t mean that you can’t approximate the lavish life with less costly but equally sumptuous substitutions.

Reality Check

You adore the accoutrements of the good life. Yet despite your desire for money and the things it buys, your need for personal expression takes precedence over your need for financial security. You’re too creative to be content with just a fat paycheck. You probably won’t experience total fulfillment until you work at something you truly enjoy.

July 29 Birthday Compatibility


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