June 05 Birthday Compatibility

June 5

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Venus; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

In social situations your charming manner makes people long to get to know you better. In an intimate union you make a loving partner, albeit one who is wary of losing freedom and independence. You thrive when paired with someone who understands your need for personal space in which to move and breathe. You can take romance or leave it alone, but you need intellectual companionship and a mate who is tolerant of your varied interests. Your significant other can either share your passion for animated discussion or be left out when you’re conversing with more eloquent companions.

In Bed

Where love and sex are concerned you tend to be a bit absentminded.

Sometimes you get so immersed in your intellect, you all but forget your body. However, all it takes to ignite your desire is a small reminder of what you’ve been missing. The right suitor knows that a combination of gentle touches and spicy verbal banter quickly eases you into the mood for making love. Once you get going, you are a considerate, skillful lover, intent on heightening the pleasure for yourself and your partner.


Your already restless nature is quickly bored by humdrum repetition.

Endless curiosity prompts you to explore a variety of sexual pleasures and practices. It is not unusual for you to intensify the eroticism through sensual enhancements. Sex toys and suggestive attire get your juices flowing and add spice and creativity to your lovemaking.

Reality Check

You are a witty, quick-thinking, fast-talking bundle of nervous energy. More in tune with your mind than your emotions, you tend to give short shrift to your feelings. In fact, you are somewhat inhibited emotionally. Consequently, you are considerably more comfortable when expounding your thoughts and ideas than when dealing with your feelings and emotions.

June 05 Birthday Compatibility


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