January 17 Birthday Compatibility

January 17

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

A powerhouse in your professional life, your climb to the top is fueled by ambition and a taste for power. However, where love and romance are concerned, you are plagued by insecurities and the fear of rejection. You can be a very generous, caring, protective, and loyal mate or partner. But you’re also jealous, demanding, and controlling, and not always easy to get along with.

Your fragile ego requires constant reassurances from your lover in the form of admiration and appreciation. Extremely idealistic regarding intimate relationships, you have high personal standards and you expect your significant other to live up to them.

In Bed

Passionate and sensual, the goat’s sexual needs and prowess are the stuff of legends. You dislike emotional games and you don’t respond well to coyness or teasing. You’re as serious and direct about satisfying your physical desires as you are about closing important business deals. Your sense of duty is so strong that you invariably put work before pleasure. However, when you make love, you do so with total concentration.


Once the workday is over, you can turn your attention to lovemaking. A clever sexual partner will take the phone off the hook to prevent callers from reaching you with their problems. Nothing turns you on like the discreet isolation of a secluded love nest, where difficulties of work and family are never permitted to intrude and disturb you.

Reality Check

People with this birthday are among the most successful in the zodiac.

However, you need to work very hard in order to make it big. As a result, you may develop a tough outer shell to guard against sentimental distractions. However, once your goals are attained, you could discover that cutting yourself off emotionally leads to deep-seated feelings of loneliness.

January 17 Birthday Compatibility


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