May 27 Birthday Compatibility

May 27

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 9

In Love

You have a dreamy, illusive quality that makes you seem somewhat remote from the real world. Your paradoxical nature can puzzle even those closest to you. In an intimate relationship, you are a romantic, delightful lover. You’re sincerely devoted to your beloved and prepared to make sacrifices whenever necessary. Although you care deeply, you are emotionally vulnerable and easily hurt if love turns sour. You crave the grounding that a permanent partnership can offer, but you fear commitment. When things get really rough, you react with deep disappointment and may be tempted to move on to another “ideal” partner.

In Bed

Even in the bedroom, you are a charming enigma. On one hand, you are a sensitive, alluring lover, capable of extraordinary tenderness. On the other hand, your sexual approach is so rational that at times it can seem calculat-ed. Either way, you thrive in an atmosphere of fun and creativity. An unusual mixture of romantic dreamer and unconventional thinker, you enjoy trying new things, yet you are never crude or vulgar.


A great storyteller, you spin your own fantasies with little or no trouble. The lover who turns you on, however, is the one who enchants you with an erotic fantasy created and staged just for you. The amorous performance can take place indoors, or outside under the stars. You may dress up in a costume or undress at your partner’s direction.

Reality Check

Versatility can be your strongest point or your major weakness. When a subject interests you, you absorb knowledge like a sponge. But you are impressionable and easily distracted. Restlessness can lead to dissatisfaction and a tendency to scatter your energy in too many different directions. Your greatest challenge may be learning to develop concentration and continuity of purpose.

May 27 Birthday Compatibility


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