September 10 Birthday Compatibility

September 10

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury;

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 1, 1

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this day are more aggressive and impulsive than others of their Sun sign. A rugged individualist, you need to be free to do as you please. You refuse to let anyone tell you what to do or otherwise interfere in your plans. Still, you’re more romantic than you care to let on, and you need a partner to share your life. Moreover, you’re seeking a mate who is capable of seeing the real person underneath the emotional barriers you impose. When you find him or her, you’ll do whatever you can to make the relationship work out.

In Bed

A totally different person in private than in public, you drop your reserved demeanor behind closed doors and give full rein to your sexuality. An ardent, determined bedmate, you pride yourself on your sexual prowess.

Your bedroom approach is a blend of earthy sensuality and torrid passion.

Gratifying your lover’s desires along with your own is important to you, and you’re good at it. Your powers of seduction peak when inspired by a mate who offers trust and encouragement.


Your appetite for sexual pleasures increases and your physical desires erupt with passionate abandon during a romantic getaway with your lover. Going off together for a change of scene and leaving behind the routines of everyday life revitalizes your love life. An impromptu overnight stay can relieve stress and make you feel sexually reborn.

Reality Check

You often feel torn between your independent nature and your sense of duty and obligation. Most people realize that you possess sound judgment and often pick up on things that others miss. Moreover, you’re quick thinking and meticulous about executing plans. These traits, in addition to your innate compassion, make you the obvious choice for helping in an emergency.

September 10 Birthday Compatibility


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