October 06 Birthday Compatibility

October 6

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 6, 7

In Love

People born on this day don’t like spending time alone, so relationships usually play a huge part in their lives. Your amiable nature, genial disposition, and willingness to compromise make you particularly easy to get along with.

Because you thrive on the affection and approbation of your significant other, a failed or broken romance could upset you to the point of actually making you ill. Nevertheless, if an intimate union should get really unpleasant, you might not hang around to try and fix it. Instead you may take off in search of more congenial company and surroundings.

In Bed

A natural-born romantic, you are exceedingly idealistic in the boudoir and out. Your approach to lovemaking is laid-back and alluring. Ambiance and mood are as important to you as sexual technique. You appreciate the rituals of courtship and like being wooed with finesse and sophistication.

Affectionate gestures and loving words draw out your hidden passions and get your juices flowing. Although you enjoy being the object of your lover’s attention, you are concerned about gratifying his or her physical desires as well.


Perhaps you have a favorite fantasy involving romantic courtship, with a perfect lover who sweeps you off to an exotic destination in order to please and adore you. While this scenario may be a bit far fetched, a special night of lovemaking, in a romantic setting with moonlight and whispered words of love and admiration, can be a genuine turn-on.

Reality Check

Although you love debates and discussions, you dislike quarrelling and will rarely be caught displaying anger in an overt fashion. With your amazing powers of persuasion, you don’t need to resort to shouting to win an argument. Instead you employ diplomacy, charm, and charisma to get others to see things your way.

October 06 Birthday Compatibility


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