September 25 Birthday Compatibility

September 25

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 7, 7

In Love

Libra is a dual sign, and people celebrating birthdays on this date generally have several different sides to their personalities. This emotional paradox can cause you to feel as if you’re being pulled in two or more directions at the same time. A genuine romantic, you yearn for love and companionship. Yet you’re more independent than others of your Sun sign and really dislike being tied down. For the best of both worlds, you need to find a partner who understands your moodiness and need for periods of solitude and is willing to respect your personal space.

In Bed

You project an enigmatic quality that provides you with an aura of glamour and mystery. That is okay with you, because you love a mystery, and you like knowing that you are a mystery to others. Your amorous nature thrives on the rituals of traditional courtship. Loving and being loved makes you feel complete, and you’re happiest in an equitable romantic partnership. You go out of your way to keep your bedmate happy and appreciate it when he or she makes an effort to please you in return.


To gain your heart, your bed partner needs to be able to inflame your imagination along with your libido. You get off on the sensual accoutrements of love and romance, such as sultry nightwear, silky sheets, candlelight, cut flowers, and soft music. Once the stage is set, you are prepared to indulge in all the many pleasures your lover has to offer.

Reality Check

Your restless nature is constantly on the lookout for challenging new experiences. This tendency to move from one thing to another keeps you from stagnating. However, too much spontaneity can turn into a liability that leaves a plethora of incomplete projects in its wake.

September 25 Birthday Compatibility


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