July 18 Birthday Compatibility

July 18

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 7, 9

In Love

People seek you out because they enjoy your affable personality and charming sense of humor. You identify with their problems, and instinct tells you where your help is needed. In matters of the heart, you’re an idealistic dreamer, and romance is never far from your thoughts. In an intimate relationship, you are cautious and emotionally vulnerable yet enormously loving and giving. You like being with a strong partner who makes you feel secure and encourages all your efforts. Although you thrive when things go well, if your love life doesn’t live up to your expectations you may feel totally shattered.

In Bed

You are very idealistic when it comes to love. Sex for you is more than just a physical act. It involves the body, mind, and soul. Mutual give and take in a relationship is very important to you, in the bedroom and elsewhere. A caring, thoughtful person yourself, you get off on gratifying your partner’s wishes. However, deep down you like to be coddled and pampered too, so you expect the same kind of consideration in return.


Love is your ultimate turn-on, and the trappings of a romantic liaison stir up your passionate juices and get them flowing. A lover’s haven near the ocean connects you to your deepest unconscious desires. The intimacy of a moonlight swim or a shared bubble bath will have a comparable erotic effect on an enchanted evening of amorous seduction.

Reality Check

Sensitive and deeply emotional, you possess a multifaceted personality that can change when your mood shifts. Most of your actions are dictated by feelings, impulse, or intuition. You prefer keeping your thoughts, plans, and ideas to yourself as a way of avoiding conflict and confrontation.

Consequently, your real position and opinion on things often remains hidden or disguised.

July 18 Birthday Compatibility


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