April 16 Birthday Compatibility

April 16

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 2, 7

In Love

You project an air of aggressive determination, yet you are extremely sensitive and feel things very deeply. Basically independent and self-contained, you are close to relatively few people. You have your own ideas of what a loving relationship entails. For you, spiritual and emotional bonding matter most in a romantic union. You’re looking for a partner who accepts you as you are, despite your ever-changing moods. You don’t favor casual alliances; your relationships are generally serious and long lasting. Because of high expectations, you can be severely disappointed when real life does not conform to your ideals.

In Bed

At times you require periods of solitude, but never when your mate is in the mood for lovemaking. In the bedroom, you are an unusual combination of cuddly sensuality and passionate curiosity. You tend to be cautious about making the first move because you loathe rejection, yet you’re impulsive and direct when you know that your feelings are returned. You like the idea of sexual experimentation, but only with a lover who makes you feel completely safe and secure.


The innovative partner who understands the importance of imaginative foreplay sustains your interest, because you are always eager to see what is going to come next. You love the thrill of the chase and seduction. However, once you’ve been caught you expect your lover to quit all the teasing and deliver the erotic goods as promised.

Reality Check

Given to brooding over slights and setbacks, you are likely to go off in secret to lick your wounds. You never truly get over hurt feelings, yet you usually manage to bounce back and pick up where you left off. Although mysterious and solitary, you’re intensely loyal. When you allow yourself to get deeply involved in a relationship, you make a loving, steadfast, and reliable partner.

April 16 Birthday Compatibility


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