September 08 Birthday Compatibility

September 8

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 8, 8

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays today tend to be somewhat tentative in matters of the heart. Your innate modesty and calm surface appearance can cause others to classify you as cold or unemotional. However, the opposite is actually closer to the truth. Despite your cool outer manner, on the inside you’re warm and caring. Your emotions run deep, but you often have great difficulty expressing them. It may take a long time for you to come to terms with your own feelings. Yet once you learn to trust and open up to your partner, you make a steadfast, loyal, and giving mate.

In Bed

In love, as in life, you are down-to-earth, emotionally controlled, and eminently practical. Hardworking and ambitious, you lead a busy life that leaves little time for dreamy romantic interludes. Even so, your physical drives are quite strong, and when you take the time, you are a very sexy, sensual lover. Sometimes you’re so suffused with desire that you give off heat like a smoldering volcano. Behind closed doors, you may feel free to drop your reserved demeanor and reveal your genuinely passionate nature.


The patient, thoughtful lover who knows how to draw out your controlled desires will be well rewarded. An erotic massage with aromatic oils soothes you and ignites your lusty appetite for sensual pleasure. Although you may need a little coaxing after a long, grueling workday, dormant passions quickly spark and ignite as you relax and unwind.

Reality Check

Inwardly you’re rather shy and considerably less confident than you appear, but you manage to conceal the more timid aspects of your nature behind an impressive outer façade. In fact, you’re so good at hiding your doubts and fears that most people are not even aware of your tendency to worry about every little thing.

September 08 Birthday Compatibility


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