October 10 Birthday Compatibility

October 10

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

The individual celebrating his or her birthday on this date is considerably more passionate and seductive than other Libras and rarely lacks for romantic partners. You delight in pleasing your bedmate, and you’re unusually generous with compliments and flattering remarks. The suitor who hopes to rack up brownie points with you must realize that you also like being flattered and having your ego stroked. In a committed union, you are loyal and caring, but when the spark dies you may begin looking elsewhere. You may be a dichotomy of independence vs. dependence, yet establishing a loving intimate union is genuinely important to you.

In Bed

Blessed with a great deal of charm and charisma, you will not hesitate to use all of your assets to get what you want. However, you believe that if pleasure is to be any good, it must be shared. You are prepared to go the whole nine yards to provide a satisfying romantic experience for your partner. Typically, you feel things as readily with your intellect as your emotions. Thus, a successful relationship with you requires striking a delicate balance between heart, mind, and body.


You are turned on by words of love whispered in your ear. Subtle perfumes, candles, incense, and aromatic oils arouse all your senses. You like silky, sensual fabrics against your skin and lingering kisses and caresses all over your body. Perusing erotic drawings and reading provocative literature with your lover inflames your lusty libido.

Reality Check

A combination of polar opposites, your impulsiveness and aggression are held in check by your inherent good manners and refined ways. Your internal impatience and need for action often conflict with your courteous façade and desire to please everyone. As a result, you tend to be indecisive one moment and erratic and impetuous the next.

October 10 Birthday Compatibility


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