October 08 Birthday Compatibility

October 8

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

Libra is a dual sign, and those born under its scales often have several distinctly different sides to their personalities. You may not admit it, but you really need love and companionship in your life. The problem is that although part of you longs to be loved, there is another side to your ambitious nature that is more interested in work and worldly success. Because you have difficulty expressing your feelings and emotions, you can appear somewhat cool and distant. However, with the right partner, you are generous, caring, protective, and capable of absolute loyalty and devotion.

In Bed

You’re a romantic idealist with high standards and rather lofty ideas about what an intimate union should be. However, when you find the person who suits you, you willingly dedicate yourself to his or her happiness.

Smoldering beneath your serious façade, there is an earthy sexuality just waiting to be released. Although your erotic feelings run hot and cold, when they’re hot, they really sizzle. During your wilder moments, you’ll pull out all the stops and give full expression to your physical desires.


A well-orchestrated seduction goes a long way toward reviving you and making you forget about your job and all the stress it engenders. A sexy but elegant striptease or a sensuous massage with aromatic oils triggers a spark to inflame your lusty libido. Deep, enticing kisses or languid stroking with a feather raises your temperature to a fever pitch.

Reality Check

Outwardly you appear as relaxed and easygoing as any Venus-ruled native.

Yet a fierce determination lurks beneath the surface of your seemingly placid personality. You crave material success and recognition for your accomplishments. You’re shrewd and insightful, and unlike some Libra natives, you are willing to work extra hard to attain it.

October 08 Birthday Compatibility


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