June 14 Birthday Compatibility

June 14

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

People celebrating birthdays today are sociable and gregarious, with the ability to get along with everyone. Naturally loving and affectionate, you are liable to jump in and out of romantic relationships. Although you may not admit to being fickle, there is a decided fear of intimacy in your basic makeup. Still, you can’t abide a jealous partner who attempts to curb your personal freedom. Your ideal relationship is with someone whose life is as busy as your own. If you decide to settle down, you’re likely to choose someone who shares many of your interests and is as much a friend as a lover.

In Bed

In the bedroom or elsewhere, you avoid anything you consider dull, boring, or commonplace. Consequently, you are among the most daring of the Gemini lovers. Your open-minded approach to lovemaking makes you an innovative and exciting bedmate. However, it takes more than just sex to catch and hold your attention. If your partner is not able to hold an intelligent conversation, you quickly lose interest. You also like to share a few laughs and do fun things together.


With your busy lifestyle, you may not always find time to relax and enjoy private moments with your lover. You like it when your partner initiates a clandestine meeting in some out-of-the-way place, where you can be together without interruptions. A fragrant bath or shower or a sensual massage will put you in the mood for a night of steamy sex.

Reality Check

Your inner world is composed of thoughts and ideas. After pondering the meaning of what you’ve learned, you reorganize and reprocess it.

Naturally self-expressive, you proceed to share your knowledge with others.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates these efforts and some may even consider you a “know-it-all.”

June 14 Birthday Compatibility


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