July 20 Birthday Compatibility

July 20

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

Those born on this day care a great deal about the impression they make on other people, because they need to feel liked and respected by everyone. In an intimate union, you are sensual, passionate, generous, caring, and responsive. You truly enjoy the dance of courtship and romance. Yet you are essentially family minded and long for the safety and security of a committed partnership and settled home life. You believe happiness comes from being with the person who is right for you. Ultimately you would rather be alone than spend your life in a bad relationship.

In Bed

There are times when all you really want to do is kiss and cuddle. More often, however, you’re an ardent lover who absolutely revels in the sensual pleasures of making love. Emotional bonding is important to you, and you like knowing that you and your partner are on the same page in your relationship. You really don’t need a lot of thrills to entice you. In sharing the comforts of home, you set the stage for love and romance.


The languid elegance of the courtship ritual turns you on. Your sensitivity to tactile, sensory pleasures allows you to communicate through touch. You shiver with rapturous anticipation during a slow exploration of your lover’s body. A massage with warm herbal oils, or a relaxing neck rub, can help put you in the mood for love and sex.

Reality Check

Typically maternal, thoughtful, home loving, and down-to-earth, you have a knack for reaching out to people and making them feel like family. It seems natural to you to comfort others when they have problems. Yet when things in your own life don’t go the way you planned, your tendency is to stubbornly dig your heels in and act sullen and moody.

July 20 Birthday Compatibility


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