July 13 Birthday Compatibility

July 13

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

People born on this date are romantic idealists who don’t give their hearts away easily. You may wine and dine a prospective mate at night and then get so involved in your work as to completely forget about him or her the next day. In an intimate situation, your overwhelming fear is rejection. No matter how much assurance you receive from your partner, you never feel totally secure. When you do find the love and affection you crave, you immediately begin worrying about losing it. With so many insecurities driving your imagination, you can become extremely jealous and possessive.

In Bed

A wonderful bedmate, you love to kiss, cuddle, and just hang out with your lover. You’re both shy and sensual, and that can be a very appealing combination. Passionate on one hand and tender on the other, you are enough of a sexual athlete to fully please your partner. Typically conventional and conservative by nature, you need to be able to idealize your lover. You’re not comfortable with kinky sexual experimentation, and you find crudeness and vulgarity off-putting.


Anyone who wants to make points with you needs to remember that above all you like being courted. Soft music, a romantic dinner, and a few sweet nothings whispered in your ear are guaranteed to get your attention. Given Cancer’s fascination with moonlight and water, a romantic swim under the stars will go a long way toward winning your heart.

Reality Check

You’re so self-protective that it’s not easy to penetrate your shell and get to know the real person underneath. You express your displeasure by withdrawing behind a wall or turning as cold as ice. Although frequent crabby moods may not mean very much, when you turn on the deep freeze, you are seriously upset.

July 13 Birthday Compatibility


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