May 06 Birthday Compatibility

May 6

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 6

In Love

Love is everything to you, and you just can’t imagine being alone for very long. You flourish in the secure environment of a long-lasting romantic relationship. More than anything, you yearn for the companionship of a caring partner. When you find the right person, you will remain loyal and committed to the end. However, problems may arise because of your beliefs regarding the way an intimate union is supposed to function. You expect your lives together to be a paradise of harmony and contentment. Then if the relationship proves to be less than perfect, you can become argumentative, fretful, and jealous.

In Bed

You enjoy the physical side of love yet can be a little hesitant about making the first move. Although you prefer being seduced, you will summon your more assertive primal instincts if necessary. Even so, you never pounce.

You’re not inclined to drag your partner off to a dank cave when you can stay at home and make love in lavish comfort. Rather than experiment with off-the-wall sexual innovations, you’re content to heighten the ecstasy with tried and true methods of erotic foreplay.


Nothing turns you on faster than sharing a few gourmet nibbles with your partner prior to, or even during, lovemaking. However, you view love as a feast for all five senses. You get off on the touch of silken fabrics, the sound of soft music, the sight of lovely surroundings, the smell of perfume, and the taste of your lover’s lips on your own.

Reality Check

Indecision is your big problem, and your ability to see all sides of an issue does not always serve you well. In your search for harmony and perfection, you may split hairs and hem and haw until you miss out on a golden opportunity.

May 06 Birthday Compatibility


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