August 14 Birthday Compatibility

August 14

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

You are caring and sincere in your close relationships. However, you have a decidedly paradoxical side to your nature. On one hand you’re warmhearted and impulsive, on the other rational and emotionally detached. Friendship is so important to you that you may sometimes confuse it with love. In a romantic union, you make a loyal mate as long as you’re allowed the independence to be yourself. Otherwise, you may jump in and out of romantic relationships until you find Mr. or Ms. Right. Although you won’t admit to being fickle, there is some fear of intimacy in your makeup.

In Bed

Your charm and generosity, both in and out of bed, make you a very desirable lover. While you’re capable of intense passion, more often than not it’s the intellectual part of you that calls the shots. Despite your strong sex drive, you get off on the intimacy of a close and lasting friendship. Inherently freewheeling and uninhibited, you want sex to be fun. Consequently, you enjoy experimenting with various positions and trying out the latest thing in sensual enhancements.


An open mind and endless sexual curiosity make you want to explore a variety of erotic pleasures. An adventurous bedmate in sync with your unconventional ideas will usually join you in pulling out all the stops. Together you two are capable of creating enough new moves and approaches to keep your lovemaking spontaneous and exciting.

Reality Check

You’re intuitive to the point of being a visionary, and your ability to think ahead of the curve provides you with tremendous insight into future trends and possibilities. On one level, you come across as a socially conscious humanitarian, concerned about the world’s problems. Yet on another, you may appear to be an eccentric individualist, determined to do everything your own way.

August 14 Birthday Compatibility


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