January 03 Birthday Compatibility

January 3

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

You’re a romantic idealist with high standards, a genial manner, a quick wit, and a disarming sense of humor. Although you consider mental accord as important as sexual harmony, your ardent nature demands a partner who is passionate as well as bright and funny. Your perfect match is someone who is earthy and sensuous, yet also able to keep you interested by sharing thoughts and ideas. While you may enjoy a fling or mild flirtation now and again, your inner goat craves a long-term, lasting relationship. You tend to think very carefully before you leap, but once committed you expect the love to last forever.

In Bed

With the right playmate you’re able to throw off your inhibitions and allow the red-blooded, lusty side of your nature to come to the forefront. You enjoy sex games and want a lover who is able to keep up with you between the sheets. Outside of the bedroom, however, the serious side of your nature asserts itself, and you expect the same kind of modesty and decorum from your significant other that you yourself project.


Your restless nature, and curiosity about everything and everyone, gives you something of a roving eye. In your most intimate moments, you are predisposed to try anything that might be fun. Because you also have an active fantasy life, your responses are heightened by a combination of verbal foreplay and the imaginings of your fertile mind.

Reality Check

You want a love union that allows you freedom of movement, yet you demand a strong commitment and total loyalty from your mate. You have a way of testing and questioning everything in a relationship. When problems arise you respond intellectually rather than emotionally. You’re more comfortable talking about your difficulties than dealing with the feelings they engender.

January 03 Birthday Compatibility


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