July 08 Birthday Compatibility

July 8

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 6, 8

In Love

A close, loving relationship is central to your life. You thrive in a secure union where you can share intimacy and affection with your beloved.

Because you work really hard, you may be away from home a lot. However, you are happiest when you know that the one you love is there, awaiting your return. You are not interested in living your private life in the fast lane.

You’d much rather use that energy to fuel your climb up the ladder of public success. Love and trust don’t come easily to you, but once your confidence is gained, you remain loyal forever.

In Bed

You want more out of your love life than mere fun and sexual gratification.

For you, lovemaking is part of a lifestyle that includes all the elements of a stable, committed relationship. In the bedroom, you make a tender, passionate, yet controlled lover. Despite the depth of your feelings and the strength of your desires, you never let yourself be swept away by emotion. Proud of your sexual prowess and expertise, you take great pleasure in your ability to satisfy your bed partner.


It doesn’t take flashy theatrics or elaborate fantasies to turn you on. You get off on the simple, meaningful feelings that come from the real thing. All that is required to awaken your down-to-earth passion is love and a touch of romance. A slow, sensuous massage stimulates your desire as it releases you from the stress of everyday concerns.

Reality Check

Yours is a paradoxical nature that is outwardly strong, but fragile within.

Although empathetic and understanding with regard to other people’s problems, you have an inner defense system that springs into action when you are feeling insecure. Whenever things don’t go as planned, you retreat into your protective shell.

July 08 Birthday Compatibility


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