November 24 Birthday Compatibility

November 24

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 6, 8

In Love

The typical person born on this day is naturally outgoing, amiable, and friendly and adores parties and other social gatherings. In an intimate relationship, you are romantic, affectionate, and warmhearted. However, you often feel as if you’re being pulled in two opposite directions. One part of you yearns for a loving companion to share your journey through life, yet the other, more independent part hates being tied down and is likely to shy away from permanent commitment. For the best of both worlds, you need to find a partner who loves you and is willing to respect your personal space.

In Bed

Grand passion is not your style. Physically you may be as hot-blooded as any Aries or Scorpio. Emotionally, however, you’re not seeking a relationship that is overly heavy or angst ridden. You believe that life is meant to be fun and is much too short to waste on unhappiness. You want a close union with your beloved, but you won’t put up with a mate who attempts to control you. Your ideal lover is as ardent and free-spirited as you are, in bed and out.


Your freewheeling nature responds most readily to a lighthearted approach to love and sexuality. A setting of casual elegance strikes just the right note for an evening of sensual pleasure. You might start by sharing an invigorating shower with your lover, follow up with an erotic massage, and then end with a sexy romp beneath the bedcovers.

Reality Check

You may be easygoing, but your independent nature protects you from being overly influenced by outside forces. Extreme action is just not your style, and your response to most things is calm and harmonious. Like other archers, you tell it like it is. However, you do it in a way that is least likely to offend anyone.

November 24 Birthday Compatibility


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