November 13 Birthday Compatibility

November 13

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 4, 6

In Love

A loyal and devoted mate or lover, you feel things very deeply. However, you sometimes seem distant and mysterious. You thrive on intrigue and appear to enjoy living on the edge. This is particularly true if lack of trust causes you to hide your vulnerability under a mask of feigned nonchalance. Even so, your wit, intelligence, and passion attract suitors like a magnet. In an intimate union, you are loving and affectionate, yet when your mood changes your attention may begin to wander. Despite your ardent nature, jealousy and possessiveness can make close relationships difficult for you to sustain.

In Bed

A potential lover may have a hard time gauging your true feelings. You tend to keep your emotions under wraps until you’re sure they are reciprocated.

But once you know that your amorous intentions are shared, you delight your lover with many fantastic nights of delicious lovemaking. In the privacy of the bedroom, pleasing your partner comes easily to you. A born sensualist, you’re readily aroused by the feathery touches and tender caresses of your bedmate’s skillful hands.


The lover who approaches slowly and takes the time to draw out your hidden passions has the edge with you. Sharing intimate pleasures behind closed doors, away from the stress and noise of the outside world, turns you on. An erotic massage with aromatherapy oils soothes your jangled nerves and also serves as stimulating foreplay.

Reality Check

Naturally defensive and suspicious of other people and their intentions, you erect emotional barriers that few are able to cross. Reason and logic have little to do with your decisions, because you tend to act on instinct. You’re strongly opinionated, and despite your sensitivity to what others may think of you, you usually prefer to rely on yourself and your own ideas.

November 13 Birthday Compatibility


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