June 26 Birthday Compatibility

June 26

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 5, 8

In Love

Those born on this day are outwardly strong and powerful, yet thin skinned and emotionally fragile within. In an intimate union, you make a caring, responsive lover and a steadfast partner. However, you don’t like being emotionally vulnerable. You need to know that you’re the only one in control of your destiny. Trust doesn’t come easy to you, and when you are feeling insecure you retreat into a protective shell. The intensity of your desire to create a secure haven can make your beloved feel rather claustrophobic. Nevertheless, once your love and confidence have been won, you remain loyal forever.

In Bed

You want more than just fun and games from a sexual relationship. Bedroom romps are just fine, but you tend to take a more serious view of lovemaking. You want a stable relationship that is built on a solid foundation.

With Mr. or Ms. Right, you’re able to discard your tough outer shell and expose your inner need for intimacy and affection. A skillful lover, you are passionate yet tender and controlled. Pleasing your partner is as important to you as your own gratification.


When you’re at work, you work hard. In your personal life, you need to relax and forget professional problems. Your own home can become the sexiest place in the world. You enjoy retreating with your lover into your private space, where you two can revel in true sensuality. A slow, erotic aromatherapy massage releases stress as it awakens desire.

Reality Check

Although your strong sense of purpose is well camouflaged by a genial, nurturing personality, material security and financial stability are among your main concerns. Deep down you are determined to succeed in life. Your complete devotion to family and friends makes you worry about their security as well.

June 26 Birthday Compatibility


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