January 21 Birthday Compatibility

January 21

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Your gregarious, freewheeling, somewhat flirtatious manner attracts people and makes them want to get to know you better. In an intimate relationship you’re warm and loving but also independent and anxious to maintain your personal space. More in tune with your mind and body than your feelings, you tend to be rather inhibited emotionally. Sentimentality and the hearts and flowers generally associated with romance hold little appeal for you. You much prefer the love and intellectual companionship of a bright, witty partner who is capable of sharing your varied interests.

In Bed

Emotionally aloof yet intellectually progressive, you’re one of the foremost sexual experimenters of the zodiac. Yet you find the emotional closeness of intimacy challenging and uncomfortable. The promise of physical sex by itself may not be enough to divert your attention from a new book or the latest electronic toy. Your desires are more readily aroused by the possibility of forging a complete mental and physical union with your partner.


A cerebral type of lover definitely has the edge with you. Sure, you respond to a light, feathery stroking of your skin, especially the calves, ankles, and behind the knees. But what really gets you going are erotic whisperings in your ears, not of sweet nothings, but of the sweet somethings that stimulate your mind as well as your body.

Reality Check

You have a cheerful, easygoing manner and gift for gab that endears you to all kinds of people. Inherently bright and quick thinking, you are unabashedly curious about everything and everyone. Although devoted to friends and family, you’re self-motivated with an extremely low threshold for boredom and routine. If life at home gets too dull and tedious, your freewheeling nature may prompt you to seek out more interesting and intellectually stimulating companionship.

January 21 Birthday Compatibility


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