December 11 Birthday Compatibility

December 11

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Mars; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

In an intimate relationship you long for the emotional security of a committed partnership. However, you also require a certain amount of freedom and independence. You get bored and restless if you stick close to home for very long. Your ideal mate is someone who understands the duality of your Sagittarian temperament and either supports or shares your love of travel and adventure. In a loving union, you make an affectionate, generous romantic partner. You’re exciting and full of fun, yet also reliable and dependable.

Because you dislike disagreements, you are usually the first one to make up after an argument.

In Bed

For you, a love relationship must be challenging and interesting. Moreover, you expect to share a passionate bond with your significant other. You relate to your partner on many different levels. Your ideal mate is your best friend as well as your ardent lover. Sexually, you’re something of a free spirit. You detest dull routine and like being able to make love when the mood seizes you. Yet despite your breezy, laid-back public persona, in an intimate relationship you can be demanding and more than a little possessive.


You’re an outdoor as well as an indoor person, so the lover who enjoys camping trips, nature walks, and picnics in the country scores lots of brownie points with you. Skinny-dipping at the beach or unwinding in front of a campfire, and then making love under the stars, is a real turn-on for you, as is escaping to a romantic inn or a rustic lakeside camp.

Reality Check

Philosophical by nature, you can be a bundle of contradictions. As a fire sign native you’re impulsive, but just when it seems that you’re going to spring into action, you stop to procrastinate and question your own actions.

December 11 Birthday Compatibility


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