January 31 Birthday Compatibility

January 31

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

An air of Aquarian detachment veils your deep devotion to your partner. In a close relationship, you often feel conflicted between your desire for freedom and independence and your need for stability and security. True intimacy can be difficult for you to sustain. You want affection and understanding, yet you dislike overt displays of emotion that make you feel vulnerable.

Nevertheless, your loyalty and rock-solid dependability help you compensate for any emotional shortcomings. The romantic idealism that is so much a part of your character ultimately trumps your resistance to long-term partnerships.

In Bed

You may be somewhat more conservative than the average water bearer, but you’re also considerably more passionate. In your professional life, you set goals and plan strategy in advance. Perhaps this is the reason you prefer arranging “dates” for your sexual liaisons rather than relying on chance or spontaneity. When you work, you work hard; when you play, you just want to let down your hair and have some fun. You exude sexual electricity and once you get going you’re a wildly original, inventive lover.


You have a wonderfully dry, biting sense of humor, and you enjoy a fun time as much as anyone. You may not be as into dreams and fantasy as the Pisces next door, but you do get off on role-playing games, especially the kind where you get to act the part of the weird, three-headed alien from beyond the Pleiades.

Reality Check

Emotionally you’re a cool customer. You project a calm exterior, but you are nervous and insecure on the inside. You have difficulty sharing your feelings and emotions, yet you’re more in need of love and understanding than you realize. When you relax and let down some emotional barriers, your life improves dramatically.

January 31 Birthday Compatibility


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