May 01 Birthday Compatibility

May 1

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 6

In Love

Those born on this date are dynamic individuals with an excellent sense of humor and an abundance of charm and sex appeal. In an intimate relationship, you’re romantic, ardent, and sensual. You don’t just fall in love; you fling yourself into it without hesitation. When you’re attracted to someone new, you charge right in and overwhelm your target with sweet words and romantic gifts. Extremely generous, you enjoy spending your money on comforts and luxuries for yourself and your loved ones. You may be slow to settle down, but once you do, you’re capable of remaining loyal for a lifetime.

In Bed

You are action oriented and predisposed to making exciting things happen.

Unlike the typically passive Taurus native, you throw yourself completely into everything you do. Your enthusiasm extends to your love life. In the bedroom, you swiftly take charge and steer the activities in the direction you wish them to go. While passionate and demanding, you are also good natured, considerate, and caring. You enjoy making love and you will do everything possible to make sure your bedmate enjoys it too.


You have a powerful libido, and sex is high on your list of things you like to do. Lovemaking is one of your favorite ways to have fun. True, you are a sucker for romance and you get off on having sweet nothings whispered in your ear, but only up to a point. Ultimately, you want action, not talk.

Once aroused, you’re ready to get down and dirty.

Reality Check

When you want something, you avoid the procrastination common to others of your Sun sign and take immediate action. Consequently, you’re decidedly more assertive regarding your personal agenda than most bulls. Unfortunately, your persistence and single-minded pursuit of goals may gain you a reputation for ruthlessness.

May 01 Birthday Compatibility


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