May 04 Birthday Compatibility

May 4

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 9

In Love

You need a calm, stable home life, with the kind of closeness that comes from permanence. In an intimate union, you know what you’re looking for, and you won’t settle for less. You’re not only seeking a soul mate. You want one who is willing to commit to a long-lasting relationship. You may be demanding and possessive, but you’re also loyal, dependable, and responsive to your partner’s desires. Generous by nature, you’re genuinely concerned about your loved ones and like being involved in their lives. However, problems may arise if your relatives view your concern as a form of control.

In Bed

You have a sensual, earthy nature and a deep appreciation for the physical side of love. In bed, you want pleasure more than excitement. When you work, you work hard, but when you play you like to relax and take your time. As a lover, you’re warm, affectionate, and responsive. You enjoy lingering over sex in an elegant atmosphere. You’ll go to great lengths to gratify your partner’s desires along with your own.


One of the things you like most about loving someone is getting to know him or her in every possible way. You respond eagerly to any kind of seductive technique that is deliberately slow and sensuous. Your idea of a guaranteed turn-on is to explore each other’s bodies through touching, stroking, kissing, and probing all the secret places.

Reality Check

Your deep-seated need for safety and security, both emotional and material, can make you oversensitive. Moreover, your delicate sensibilities are easily bruised by slights and insults, either real or imagined. Despite your kind and gracious nature, you can be a champion grudge holder. At times you may be persuaded to forgive an injury, but you are not likely to ever forget about it.

May 04 Birthday Compatibility


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