October 05 Birthday Compatibility

October 5

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

Yours is an easygoing, flirtatious manner that relates to everyone and allows each to feel like the center of your world. A loving relationship gives you a sense of completeness; you prefer being half a couple to living life alone.

Still, you’re unlike other Libras because a committed union is not the be-all and end-all of your existence. Nevertheless, your romantic idealism makes it easy for you to fall “in love with love.” When this happens, you become disillusioned if the reality doesn’t live up to your fantasy of the perfect union.

In Bed

You actually seem to prefer romantic rituals of love to the unbridled passion of earthy sexual encounters. You’re ardent and loving, yet always in control.

You’re quite capable of putting your own sexual needs on hold in order to accommodate your lover. Your seduction techniques may be laid back, but they are determined. You simply prefer allurement to blatant pursuit. And with Venus, the planet of love, as your Sun sign ruler, you’ll surely catch your man or woman.


The setting has to be just right, and nothing that is cheap or tacky can do it for you. Your good taste and refined sensibilities respond a lot more readily in romantic, tranquil, harmonious surroundings. Soft music, fresh flower arrangements, sensual perfume, and silken fabrics can all serve as seductive additions to your private love nest.

Reality Check

You abhor direct confrontation. Libra’s pacific temperament inclines toward

“peace at any price.” In a romantic relationship, your aversion to quarreling can keep you from dealing with important problems. Your reaction to trouble is to smooth things over with charm and diplomacy. If the diplomatic solution doesn’t work, you may prefer walking away to subjecting yourself to the disagreeable prospect of living in a war zone.

October 05 Birthday Compatibility


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