February 02 Birthday Compatibility

February 2

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

You are affectionate and caring, yet even in a close relationship you maintain an air of emotional detachment. There is a part of you that considers life incomplete without a mate or partner. Yet your independent Aquarian spirit is uncomfortable with too much intimacy and cautious with regard to long-term unions. However, your desire for permanence and stability usually overcomes your yearning for freedom and independence. When you agree to commit to another person, you do it with your whole heart. In return, you expect to realize your ideal of physical and mental unity.

In Bed

You are often torn between the demands of your body and those of your mind. When you let yourself express your erotic sensuality in physical terms, you make a passionate, adroit lover. But the part of you that lives inside the ivory tower of your mind tends to view physical and emotional needs as less valid than intellectual ones. You must learn to put aside your theories about sexuality and follow where your body leads.


You enjoy being wooed, and a romantic setting helps take your mind off the problems and distractions of the world outside your private love nest. All your senses respond to the heady aroma of sensual perfume, the erotic feelings produced by trailing silken fabrics against your skin, and the whispered promises of what is yet to come.

Reality Check

In relationships you’re extremely idealistic. You are capable of real devotion if the object of your affection doesn’t disappoint you. However, should the union turn sour or cause you to feel hemmed in, you may be tempted to look elsewhere. What you really need is an intimate relationship where love and friendship coexist. You quickly lose interest in a partnership without an intellectual connection.

February 02 Birthday Compatibility


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