January 22 Birthday Compatibility

January 22

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

You project a rather cool façade that belies your deep attachment to those you love. Although emotional shortcomings can make true intimacy difficult for you to sustain, friendship is the easiest thing in the world. You are witty and entertaining and you need a partner who is equally playful and intelligent. Even in love, you prefer the company of someone who can provide intellectual stimulation along with affection. Your desire for freedom may cause you to delay settling down. Until then, your love life could prove somewhat tumultuous.

In Bed

The contradictory characteristics attributed to today’s birthday form the basis of your approach to most things, including lovemaking. The unconventionality of your “anything goes” lifestyle is often in conflict with the more conservative aspects of your character and personality. Yet despite a mentality that is considerably more intellectual than emotional or physical, your open mind and progressive ideas favor novelty and sexual experimentation. Even when you’re not the one to initiate such moves, you are a willing participant.


Overt displays of romantic feelings can make you feel uncomfortable. Physically, you’re strongly sexed and passionate. Your mind, however, is easily distracted and can cause you to ignore your body’s desires. When this happens, a few verbal reminders of the sexual delights you are missing are usually all it takes to inflame your lusty libido.

Reality Check

Your problem is finding a way to unite your fiercely independent nature with your desire for love and companionship. On one level you’re content living within the ivory tower of your own mind, yet on another level you want to get out and have some fun. Moreover, you’re very idealistic. When you do find your soul mate, you expect the relationship to be perfect.

January 22 Birthday Compatibility


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