October 09 Birthday Compatibility

October 9

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Intimate relationships are important to you, and you are an exceptionally giving mate or lover. Sensitive and sentimental, you’re sincerely devoted to your loved ones and prepared to sacrifice everything for them. As romantic as you are compassionate, you’re capable of falling passionately in love with an ideal. When reality refuses to live up to your expectations, you can be deeply disappointed and retreat into a deep funk. However, your depres-sions don’t last all that long because you’re an exceptionally social person.

The only thing that your friends need to do to cheer you up is invite you to a party.

In Bed

For you, good sex is a transcendent experience. No one believes in love more than you do, and merging your body with that of your beloved is your idea of heaven on earth. Your attachment to your lover is an intensely emotional one. As a thoughtful, caring, and considerate bedmate, you’re more interested in pleasing your partner than yourself. You’re happy to go along with whatever your mate wants. In return, you require a lot of attention and affection.


There are three things that turn you on: romance, romance, and romance.

Your idea of love is the stuff of poetry and fairy tales. In your imagination you can create a bliss-filled fantasy that is more real than anything in the world around you. The sensitive lover discovers the details of your favorite dream scenario and acts them out with you.

Reality Check

You possess a mysterious, chameleonlike personality that tends to captivate and confuse people. Moreover, your easygoing, agreeable nature can cause you to appear more compliant than you actually are. Because diplomacy and cooperation come naturally to you, you much prefer accomplishing your purposes using charm and cooperation than by making outrageous demands.

October 09 Birthday Compatibility


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